Sporting Digest: Cycling

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TOUR OF SPAIN (18th stage, 189km Avila to Avila): 1 G Calcaterra (It, Amore & Vita) 5hr 12min 53sec; 2 M Coppolillo (It, Navigare) +1sec; 3 A Zulle (Swit, ONCE) +1:47. Overall: 1 T Rominger (Swit, Mapei-Clas) 82hr 02min 45sec; 2 M Zarrabeitia (Sp, Banesto) +5:15; 3 P Delgado (Sp, Banesto) +7:08.

TOUR DUPONT (Seventh stage, 201km, Wytheville, Va to Beech Mountain, NC):

1 L Armstrong (US) 6hr 12min 24sec; 2 V Ekimov (Russ) same time; 3 G Totschnig (Aut) +2sec. Overall: 1 Ekimov 32hr 33min 21sec; 2 Armstrong +34sec; 3 Chiurato +36.

TOUR OF TRENTINO (Third stage, 167km, Italian unless stated): 1 G Faresin 4hr 17min 02sec; 2 M Giovanetti same time; 3 S Della Santa +7sec. Overall: 1 M Argentin 13hr 37min 13sec; 2 E Berzin (Rus) +22sec; 3 F Casagrande +28.