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THE MILK RACE, one of Britain's longest-running sports sponsorships, was wound up yesterday after 36 years, but the Tour of Britain, its original title, lives on to find another backer. Ian Emmerson, the president of the British Cycling Federation said that the Tour was in a very strong position to attract new sponsorship, and that they were already in continuing negotiations with potential sponsors.

TOUR OF SWITZERLAND Second stage (181.2 km at Baden): 1 G Furlan (It) 4hr 23min 8sec; 2 W Nelissen (Bel) +4; 3 F Cassartelli (It); 4 J Museeuw (Bel); 5 A Ferrigato (It) all s/t. Selected: 7 S Sunderland (Aus); 18 S Kelly (Irl); 31 R Sorensen (Den) all at 4sec. Overall: 1 Museeuw 8hr 9min 1sec; 2 Casartelli +4sec; 3 B Boscardin (It) s/t; 4 D Abdujaparov (Uzb) +6; 5 M Saligari (It) +7. Selected: 10 Sunderland +10; 12 Kelly s/t; 41 Sorensen +6min 12sec.

MIDI LIBRE RACE Second stage (199.9km, Saint-Cyprien to Quillan): 1 M Fondriest (It) 5hr 37min 42sec; 2 D Arnould (Fr); 3 R Pelliconi (It); 4 D Rous (Fr) all s/t; 5 G Bortolami (It) +1min 12sec; 6 L Jalabert (Fr); 7 C Zamana (Pol); 8 L Biondi (Fr); 9 A Lecchi (It); 10 Y Ledanois (Fr) s/t. Overall: 1 Fondriest 7hr 48min 50sec; 2 Arnould +3sec; 3 Pelliconi +4; 4 Rous +7; 5 Jalabert +1:17; 6 Bortolami +1:22; 7 Zamana; 8 Biondi; 9 Lecchi; 10 Y Ledanois (Fr) all s/t.