Sporting Digest: Cycling

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GRAEME OBREE, the world champion, yesterday denied a chase for revenge by the Olympic champion, Chris Boardman, on a 166-metre wooden track in Geneva - but first he needed a coat-hanger. Obree lost the buckle from one of his racing shoes, and improvised by making one from a hotel coat-hanger before the start of his 4,000-metres pursuit match. The Scot then overwhelmed Boardman in 4min 28.69sec.

DORTMUND SIX-DAY RACE (Fifth day): 1 A Baffi and G Lombardi (It) 404pts; 2 B Risi and K Betschart (Swit) 402; 3 E Zabel (Ger) and E de Wilde (Bel) +1 lap, 340 pts; 4 R Aldag (Ger) and P Pieters (Neth) +3, 418; 5 A Kappes (Ger) and J Veggerby (Den) +4, 328. Selected: 8 A Klaus (Ger) and T Doyle (GB) +14, 137.

GRENOBLE SIX-DAY RACE (Fifth day): 1 S Martinello and M Vila (It) 263pts; 2 P Bincoletto (It) and G Duclos-Lassalle (Fr) +1 lap, 274pts; 3 D Rugg and P Vetch (Swit) +2, 238.