Sporting Digest: Equestrianism

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ROYAL INTERNATIONAL HORSE SHOW (Hickstead): Redland Roof Tiles July Stakes: 1 Roddy's Revenge (J Whitaker, GB) clear, 41.90sec; 2 Goliath (R Runge, Ger) clear, 43.40; 3 Pikora (J Kraus, Ger) eliminated in jump-off. Redland Roof Tiles Chase: 1 Clover (J Renwick, GB) clear, 55.28; 2 Sidney Sneak (R Barton, GB) clear, 58.42; 3 Mancuso (G Billington, GB) clear, 58.69. Daily Mail Family Challenge: 1

S-A and T Burchmore 66.45sec; 2 T and G Haines 67.72; 3 T and D Hyett 72.59.

BRITISH SQUAD (for Luxembourg Nations Cup meeting, 14-17 July): K Brown, G Billington, W Funnell, J Popely, N Skelton, J and M Whitaker.