Sporting Digest: Equestrianism

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DUBLIN HORSE SHOW: Kerrygold Challenge: 1 Olisco (M Matz, US) clear 36.69sec; 2 Samsung President Papillon (R-Y Bost, Fr) clear 37.43; 3 Heather Blaze (R Splaine, Irl) clear 37.9. Best British: 12 Corona (G Billington) 4 faults 37.95; 16 Everest Lifestyle (M Whitaker) 4 faults 44.45. Kerrygold Puissance: 1 Lyra (H Luther, Ger); 2= Uncle Ben (E Doyle, Irl) and Alonso (F Franco, It); 4 Picasso (T Buholzer, Swit).