Sporting Digest: Equestrianism

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VOLVO WORLD CUP QUALIFIER (Geneva): 1 Loro Piana Special Envoy (R Pessoa, Bra) clear, 42.80sec; 2 Lugana (S Lauber, Swit) clear, 43.37; 3 San Patrignano Weihaiwej (F Sloothaak, Ger) clear, 43.72. Best British: 20= Everest Flarepath (V Whitaker) and Bow River Queen (F Fisher) 4 faults in first round.

PARIS GRAND PRIX: 1 Hermann's Bellenuit (O Becker, Ger) clear, 30.30; 2 Rochet Rouge (A Ledermann, Fr) clear, 30.48; 3 Royal Rouge (M Malta de Costa, Por) clear, 34.01. British: 7 Everest Major Wager (N Skelton) 3 faults in first round; 17 Everest Twostep (M Whitaker) 4 in first round; 23 Everest Grannusch (J Whitaker) 12 in first round.