Sporting Digest: Equestrianism

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NEW YORK HORSE SHOW (US) Volvo World Cup Qualifier: 1 Denizen (T Grubb, GB) clear, 37.04sec; 2 Top Speed (A Kursinski, US) clear, 37.11; 3 Lugana II (S Lauber, Swit) clear, 37.15. Other leading British: 4 Blue Bird (J Popely) clear, 38.29; 7 Everest Limited Edition (N Skelton) 4 faults, 37.94. Relay: 1 Everest Major Wager (N Skelton, GB) 60.93sec; 2 Sebastian (M Goldstein, US) 65.30; 3 Le Roy III (G Oberson, Swit) 66.82.