Sporting Digest: Equestrianism

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EQUESTRIANISM ROYAL AGRICULTURAL WINTER FAIR (Toronto, Can): Volvo World Cup qualifier: 1 Crown Royal Artos (M Leone, US) clear, 36.43sec; 2 Master Maddox (H Sprunger, Swit) clear, 36.62; 3 Santana (B Breard, Can) clear, 38.79. GB: 5 Everest Limited Edition (N Skelton) 4 faults, 33.16. International Stakes: 1 Everest Limited Edition (N Skelton, GB) clear, 26.56; 2 Charisma (L Lenehan, US) clear, 27.61; 3 Big Ben (I Millar, Can) clear, 28.59.