Sporting Digest: Equestrianism

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ROYAL WINDSOR HORSE SHOW: Caradon Everest Men's Jumping: 1 Everest Twostep (M Whitaker) clear 51.18sec; 2 Bow River Queen (J Fisher) clear 55.79; 3 Everest Limited Edition (N Skelton) 4 faults, 50.72. Toyota Area International Trial: 1 Everest Limited Edition (N Skelton) clear 36.34sec; 2 Everest Monsanta (M Whitaker) clear 38.67; 3 Lannegan (D Broome) clear 42.93. Toyota British Horsemaster: 1 Everest Lifestyle (M Whitaker) clear 50.73sec; 2 Rockall (M Armstrong) clear 51.66; 3 Mandevilles Supreme (W Funnell) ret in jump-off. Harrods International Driving Grand Prix: Horse teams: 1 G Bowman (GB) 135.5 pens. Pony teams: 1 E Flerackers (Bel) 161.7 pens; 2 P Gammell (GB) 169.9; 3 U Hirschberg (GB) 185.2.