Sporting Digest: Equestrianism

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HICKSTEAD NATIONS CUP MEETING: Homepride Flour International Stakes: 1 Impulse (P Charles, Irl) clear, 45.49; 2 Sovjet Look (S Harmsen, Neth) clear, 46.55; 3 Partly Cloudy (K Monahan-Prudent, US) clear, 46.62. Homepride Eventers Special: 1 New Dawn (N Turner) clear in 1st round; 2= Rushford (R Bell), Kilblaan (C Wright), Blackberry Way (O Moore), Park Grove (A Nicholson), Derby Spirit (F Hooper), Sir Lancelot (M Courreges), Delta (B Tait) and Parisian (C Hunnable) 4 faults in 1st round.