Sporting Digest: Fencing

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LEICESTER CITY OPEN (Granby Halls) Men's foil: 1 N Payne (Salle Paul); 2 M Bengry (Sussex House); 3= P Robbins (unatt) and M King (Salle Boston).

Women's foil: 1 F Cowen (Shrewsbury); 2 L Strachan (Salle Paul); 3= S Mawby (Salle Paul) and M Adamik (Poland and Salle Paul). Women's epee: 1 C Read (Taunton Deane); 2 Hofmans-Clark (Salle Rose); 3= D Catchpole (Taunton Deane) and A Milner-Barry (LTFC). Sabre: 1 P Hoenigmann (Sco); 2 R Knight (CADS); 3= J Lohn (Hammersmith) and P Norman (unatt).