Sporting Digest: Football

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Southampton's eight-year attempt to gain permission to move to a new pounds 50m community stadium has collapsed after councillors blocked plans for a new sports complex on the outskirts of the city at Stoneham.

TRANSFER: Ian Duerden (forward) Halifax to Doncaster (free).

LOANS: Jonathan Hunt (midfielder) Derby to Ipswich; James Lambert (winger) Reading to Walsall.

TRIAL: Terry Sweeney (midfielder) Luton to Plymouth.

FIFA WORLD RANKINGS: 1 Brazil 73.57 points; 2 France 69.01; 3 Germany 67.37; 4 Croatia 66.47; 5 Argentina 65.77. Other: 10 England 62.16; 37 Scotland 49.13; 52 Republic of Ireland 43.45; 87 Northern Ireland 33.93; 90 Wales 33.01.