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DAMON SEARLE, the Wales Under-21 international, has been named as the Cardiff player who failed a drugs test after the Welsh Cup final against Barry Town in May. He faces a possible charge of bringing the game into disrepute and a lengthy ban. Cardiff City's medical officer, Dr Leslie Hamilton, said: 'This was a genuine mistake. Damon complained of a severe headache before the match. He was supposed to have been given a paracetamol tablet but was given a distalgesic, containing a banned substance, in error.'

TRANSFERS: Ray Woods (winger) Coventry to Shrewsbury (free); Kevin Ashley (full-back) Wolves to Peterborough (free); Gus Caeser (defender) Airdrie to Colchester (free); Tony Dennis (midfielder) Chesterfield to Colchester (free); Kevin Brock (midfielder) Newcastle to Colchester (trial).

FRIENDLY MATCHES: Celtic 1 (Falconer 82) Blackburn Rovers 0; Carlisle 0 Leeds United 1; Chester 0 Wimbledon 2; Dundee 1 Wolves 4; Guiseley 1 Bradford City 0; Leyton Orient 1 Nottingham Forest 2; Millwall 1 Real Sociedad 1; Peterborough 1 Norwich City 2; Portsmouth 1 Manchester City 2; Newcastle Town 1 Sheffield Wednesday 3; Dumbarton 2 Stirling 4; Colchester United 5 Birmingham City 2.