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Patrice Loko, leading scorer in the French First Division with Nantes last season and a French international, was arrested yesterday for violent behaviour after leaving a discotheque in Paris. Officials have decided to place him under psychiatric examination. The 25-year-old, who made his debut for Paris St-Germain on Tuesday, punched several cars and was taken to a police headquarters where he became ill. He was taken to hospital, where he insulted and spat at staff. The hospital spokesman did not say what Loko was suffering from. A female police investigator later filed a complaint accusing Loko of exposing himself to her. Loko's father, Pascal, said he found it hard to believe the reports, but added: "He lost a child a year and a half ago. He has a hard time recovering from that."

Barcelona have signed the Croatian midfielder Robert Prosinecki on a free transfer from Real Oviedo.

The days when testicle-grabbing and eye-poking were used as tactics to win matches are over, Uruguay coach Hector Nunez said on Wednesday. "We don't win games by poking other players' eyes and grabbing their testicles," Nunez said after his team's 2-0 win over Colombia in the Copa America. "When we played in England recently, the media said before we arrived that we played very violently. But we showed that this isn't the case and that technically we had a lot to teach them."

COPA AMERICA Semi-final (Montevideo) Uruguay 2 (Adinolfi 52, Otero 70) Colombia 0.