Sporting Digest: Golf

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CHEMAPOL CZECH OPEN (Marienbad Club, Cz Rep) First-round scores (played over 15 holes; GB or Irl unless stated): 54 S Torrance, G Brand Jnr. 57 J Spence.

58 R Allenby (Aus), D Curry, R Boxall, S Struver (Ger). 59 J Hawkes (SA), K Eriksson (Swe), J Haeggman (Swe), D Ray, M Sunesson (Swe). 60 A Bossert (Swit), P McGinley, R Berhorst (Ger), M Mouland, M Miller. 61 M McLean, N Fasth (Swe), S Lyle, J Janda (Cz Rep), B Marchbank, P-U Johansson (Swe). 62 M Lanner (Swe), R Chapman, D Hospital (Sp), P Hedblom (Swe), S Ballesteros (Sp). 63 C O'Connor Jnr, M-A Martin (Sp), M James, P Mitchell, M Gates, D J Russell, M Farry (Fr), A Sherborne. 64 J Juhaniak (Cz Rep) D A Russell, R Willison, G J Brand, P Fowler (Aus). 66 F Regard (Fr), M Davis. 67 R Rafferty. 68 J Zavazal (Cz Rep). 69 P Mruzek (Cz Rep). 71 J Seifert (Cz Rep). 76 S Tarr.

PGA EUROPEAN TOUR SCHOOL Pre-qualifying (Torremirona, Sp): 133 P Parkin (Wal) 65 68. 135 L Tingvall (Swe) 66 69; C Sunesson (Swe) 66 69. 136 C Pottier (Fr); E McIntosh (Sco) 68 68. (Peralada, Sp): 137 B Petit (Fr) 69 68; P Carrigill (Eng) 70 67. 138 M McGuire (Eng) 69 69. 139 C O'Carroll (Wal) 70 69. 140 V Phillips (Eng) 67 73; F Rocca (Sp) 71 69; W Henry (Eng) 68 72; D Prosser (Eng) 73 67; R Sailer (Aus) 72 68.

AN annual world championship match play tournament, involving 32 of the top players from the American, European, Japanese, Australasian and South African tours, will begin next spring and culminate with a two-day championship in Arizona in December, making it the longest running event of its kind.

LAS VEGAS INTERNATIONAL Leading first-round scores (US unless stated): 64 B Kamm, S Murphy. 65 D Hart, N Henke. 66 J Blake, R Gamez, H Twitty, B Claar, N Lanchaster, S Hoch, M Heinen, K Clearwater, M Standly, B Andrade, B Lietzke. 67 G Norman (Aus), W Levi, J Wilson, D Rummells, B Estes, B Henninger, J Maggert, T Simpson, H Green, M O'Meara, D Forsman, J Mudd, J Furyk, B Glasson, M Bradley. Selected GB: 71 D Feherty (N Irl).