Sporting Digest: Golf

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MEN'S HOME INTERNATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP (Ashburnham, Dyfed): England 4 Scotland 1 (England first): Foursomes: L James and C Edwards bt D Downie and B Howard 2 holes; R Bland and M Foster bt H McKibben and A Reid 2 and 1; D Fisher and M Welch lost to S Gallacher and G Sherry 4 and 3; D Howell and G Harris bt G Rankin and C Watson 3 and 2; W Bennett and G Wolstenholme bt B Collier and C Hislop 2 and 1. Ireland 4 Wales 1 (Ireland first): Foursomes: T Harrington and J Fanagan bt B Dredge and R Johnson 2 and 1; G McGimpsey and D Higgins bt C Evans and C Rees 1 hole; K Kearney and E Power bt D Park and M Smith 3 and 2; J Morris and G Murphy lost to M Ellis and R Price 2 and 1; R Coughlan and K Nolan bt G Houston and G Marsden 4 and 3.

LADIES' HOME INTERNATIONAL (Fixby, Huddersfield): England 6 1/2 Ireland 2 1/2 (Ireland first): Foursomes: E Rose-Power and A O'Sullivan lost to J Hall and L Walton 4 and 3, T Eakin and H Kavanagh bt K Tebbet and K Egford 2 and 1, E Higgins and B Hackett halved with K Speak and S Lambert. Singles: Rose- Power lost to Hall 6 and 4, Webb lost to Walton 1 down, Higgins bt Dougleby 2 and 1, Kavanagh lost to Brown 1 down, Eakin lost to Lambert 1 down, Sullivan lost to Speak 4 and 3. Wales 1/2 Scotland 8 1/2 (Wales first): Foursomes: L Dermott and B Jones lost to M McKay and L Roxburgh 4 and 3, V Thomas and S Lovatt lost to F McKay and A Rose 4 and 3, A M McGee and D Richards lost to J Ford and S McMaster 4 and 3. Singles: Thomas halved with M McKay, A Dunn lost to Rose 4 and 3, Dermott lost to V Melvyn 1 down, B Jones lost to F McKay 2 and 1, Lovatt lost to L Nicolson 3 and 1, S Turner lost to J Ford 2 and 1.