Sporting Digest: Hockey

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ENGLAND SQUAD (for Four Nations tournament, Madrid, 17-19 June): J Shaw (capt), Soma Singh (Southgate), C Giles, D Williams (Havant), D Luckes (East Grinstead), S Mason (Firebrands), J Halls, N Thompson (Old Loughtonians), J Laslett, P McGuire (Teddington), R Thompson, S Hazlitt, J Potter (Hounslow), M Sutton (Bournville), R Garcia (Polo Barcelona), R Davis (Harleston Magpies). (To be added for four internationals v Australia, United States, Bisham Abbey, 20-23 June): J Barrow, B Crutchley, P Bolland (Hounslow), A Degun (Barford Tigers), K Takher, C Mayer (Cannock), A Humphry (Hull), D Woods (Southgate), J Lee (East Grinstead).