Sporting Digest: Hockey

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OLYMPIC TRAINING CAMP SQUAD (Lilleshall NSC, 28-30 October): J Atkins (Bradford Swithenbank), A Bennett, M Nicholls, S Wright (Slough), M Clewlow (all Canterbury), C Cook, T Cullen, C Gilbert, M Morton, C Reid (all Hightown), L Cope (Balsam Leicester), L Culliford, T Miller (all Clifton), M Davies,J Sixsmith (all First Personnel Sutton Coldfield), H Rose, J Smith, J Thompson, L Youngs (all Ipswich) and S Gibson (Trojans), L Burton (Royal High Gymnasts), S Fraser (Grove), S Lawrie (Slough), J Jack, P Robertson, D Renilson, R Simpson (all Edinburgh), S MacDonald, T Robb (both Glasgow Western), C Merrett, Y Williams (both Clifton), L Watkin (Swansea).