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DAMON HILL escaped injury when he crashed during testing at Barcelona yesterday. His Williams-Renault was badly damaged in a 100mph spin, but mechanics hope to have him back on the track today.

24-HOUR DAYTONA RACE (Daytona Beach, Florida; US unless stated): 1 P Gentilozzi, S Pruett, B Leitzinger and S Millen, Nissan 300 ZX, 707 laps; 2 D Dupy (Fr), J Parcja (Sp), B Wollek (Fr) and J Leconte (Fr), Porsche 911, 683; 3 D Ebeling (Ger), K Wlazik (Ger), O Richler (Ger) and G Dobler (Ger), Porsche 911, 671. Winning speed: 104.8mph for 707 laps (2,516.92 miles).