Sporting Digest: Motorcycling

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SUZUKA EIGHT HOURS RACE (Suzuka, Japan): 1 S Russell (US) and Aaron Slight (NZ) Kawasaki 207 laps in 8hr 1min 13.713sec (ave speed 151.34kph, 94.587mph); 2 E Lawson (US) and S Tsujimoto (Japan) Honda +2min 25.085sec; 3 T Aoki (Japan) and M Smith (US) Honda +1 lap; 4 M Doohan and D Beattie (Aus) Honda +1; 5 S Tsukamoto and K Kitagawa (Japan) Kawasaki +1; 6 S Takeishi and K Iwahashi (Japan) Honda +2; 7 A Barros (Bra) and P Goddard (Aus) Suzuki +3. Selected: 18 R Moore (US) and S Buckmaster (GB) Kawasaki +11 laps; 19 J Reynolds (GB) and B Bonhuil (Fr) Honda +11 laps. World championship (after five races): 1= B Morrison (GB), W Vielle (Fr) 80pts; 3= S Manley (GB), Buckmaster, D Toland (US) 66, R Seefeldt (Ger), K Schittkd (Ger) 66; 8= M Amlric (Fr), J-T Ferrer (Fr), B Soulon (Fr) 60.