Sporting Digest: Pools News

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VERNONS: dividends for matches played 20 November: Treble chance: 23pts possible. No clients with 23pts. 23pts pounds 228,784, 22pts pounds 367.55, 22pts pounds 54.50, 21pts pounds 17.90, 21pts pounds 2.70, 20pts pounds 1.15. Ten homes nothing barred: pounds 1,014.35. Five aways nothing barred: void. Stakes may be used in payment of next entries.

ZETTERS: Treble chance: 23pts pounds 31,433.20, 23pts pounds 763.55, 22pts pounds 100.55, 22pts pounds 18.00, 21pts pounds 6.55. All for 1/9th of a penny. Four draws (nothing barred) pounds 28.00 (for 20p stake), four super homes (nothing barred) pounds 62.40.

BRITTENS: Treble chance: 22pts pounds 1,160.70, 22 pts pounds 15.50, 21pts pounds 5.15, 21 pts pounds 0.75. All for 1/20th of a penny. Four draws pounds 7.00, five aways pounds 0.60, eight homes pounds 42.85. All for 10p.

LITTLEWOODS: Treble chance: 23pts pounds 832,558, 23pts pounds 9,006.05, 22pts pounds 1,262.45, 22pts pounds 186, 21pts pounds 87.85, 21pts pounds 15.95, 20pts pounds 4.90. Four draws pounds 18.10, 10 homes pounds 2,429.40, five aways pounds 1.