Sporting Digest: Rallying

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PIERRE LARTIGUE stretched his lead in the Paris-Dakar Rally yesterday, his risky path over seaside dunes paying off while his rivals opted for safer routes. His overall advantage at the end of the 10th special stage has increased to 27min 38sec over Germany's Erwin Weber.

PARIS-DAKAR RALLY 10th special stage (PK25 to Antenne, 460 km): 1 P Lartigue (Fr) Citroen ZX 3hr 21min 51sec; 2 J-P Fontenay (Fr) Mitsubishi +6min 56sec; 3 E Weber (Ger) Mitsubishi +8:16; 4 H Auriol (Fr) Citroen ZX +13:07; 5 K Shinozuka (Japan) Mitsubishi +32:26. Overall standings: 1 Lartigue 19h 10min 46sec; 2 Weber +27min 38sec; 3 Shinozuka +54:26; 4 Auriol +1.32:43; 5 Fontenay +1.50:34.