Sporting Digest: Rallying

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PARIS TO DAKAR RALLY Saturday's 11th stage (457km, Boutilimit to Akjoujt-Atar, Mauritania) Cars: 1 H Auriol (Fr) Citroen 6hr 02min 56sec; 2 P Lartigue (Fr) Citroen +3min 25sec; 3 H Masuoka (Japan) Mitsubishi +56:00. Overall: 1 Lartigue 28hr 22min 9sec; 2 Auriol +1hr 27min 14sec; 3 K Shinozuka (Japan) Mitsubishi +4:25:08. Motorcycles: 1 O Gallardo (Sp) Cagiva 6hr 48min 21sec; 2 J Arcarons (Sp) Cagiva +5min 17sec; 3 C Mas (Sp) Cagiva +8:57. Overall: 1 E Orioli (It) Cagiva 30hr 30min 30sec; 2 Mas +2min 44sec; 3 Arcarons +6:45. Yesterday's 12th stage (648km from Atar to Nouadhibou, Mauritania): Cancelled.