Sporting Digest: Sailing

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Isabelle Autissier, Giovanni Soldini, Marc Thiercelin and Mike Golding were all within 30 miles of one another as the leaders approached the new turning point north of the Kerguelen Islands on the second leg of the Around Alone Race from Cape Town to Auckland. For the leader Autissier, who was making a fleet-best average speed of 16 knots, the holding on to first place is tenuous. "The waypoint we chose will make me lose 50 to 100 miles in relation to the other boats, since I was the furthest one south," she said. "So it will probably put me back in third or fourth place. I don't regret it, though. I think some things are more

important than racing. The weather is still grey, damp, and cold." Fellow Class I competitor Josh Hall in Gartmore Investment Management is still holding fifth in his division, but has fallen to seventh place overall, behind Class II frontrunners Mike Garside and Jean-Pierre Mouligne, and now trails Autissier by over 400 miles. Hall's woes began when he was overtaken by high pressure while his other Class I rivals continued to make good speed along on the edge of a front.