Sporting Digest: Sailing

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THE UKRAINIAN 60 Odessa yesterday did a U-turn in the Bay of Biscay when the halyard of her mainsail broke in storm-force winds during the Whitbread Round the World Race. The boat is waiting for the 55-knot winds to drop before fitting a replacement.

WHITBREAD ROUND THE WORLD RACE First leg (Southampton to Punta del Este, Uru) Leading positions, with miles to finish: 1 New Zealand Endeavour (Maxi) 3,472; 2 Tokio (Japan, W60) 3,491; 3 Merit Cup (Swit, Maxi) 3,508; 4 Yamaha (Japan/NZ, W60) 3,515; 5 Winston (US, W60) 3,517; 6 Galicia (Sp, W60) 3,518; 7 Instrum Justitia (Europe, W60) 3,520; 8 La Poste (Fr, Maxi) 3,577; 9 Dolphin and Youth (GB, W60) 3,610.