Sporting Digest: Sailing

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COWES WEEK Royal Yacht Squadron Regatta: Class 1 (Bathsheba Trophy): 1 C Little (Bounder of the Century); 2 G Walker (Indulgence); 3 A Pratt (Mandrake). Class 2: 1 G Williams (X-Pro); 2 G Janssens and J Migom (Dune); 3 J Clark (Xnantor). Class 3: 1 M Eaton (Quencher); 2 D Cable (Just Midnight); 3 P Bainbridge (Sky Hunter). Class 4: 1 I Miller and J Robinson (First of April); 2 M and M Delmar- Morgan (Moonlight); 3 T and D Andrews (Gumdrop). Class 5: 1 J Layfield (Trailblazer); 2 C Dearlove (Maverick); 3 I Handley (Addict). Class 6: 1 J Penn and A Nunn (Diamond); 2 D Barr, B Giddings and R Newman (Slingshot); 3 J McIntosh (Dynamite). Mumm 36: 1 P Gaia (Mumm a Mia]); 2 T Roche (Noddy); 3 M Renberg (Aerosail 3). Sigma 38: 1 D Knight (Summer Pudding); 2 R Kendrick and M Green (Winds Will); 3 G Logan (Highlander). Sigma 33: 1 J Worboys and S Hubbard (Workout); 2 J Platt and D Palmer (Honey of Bosham); 3 K Diederichs and G Gordon (Lucky Ducky). Contessa 32: 1 J Gresham and N Inchbald (Trader Jo); 2 N Bradley (Merak II); 3 F and K Williams (Nyaminyami). Sonata: 1 D Hopkins (An'Metoo); 2 P Sonksen (Impromptu); 3 D Lippol and S Vickery (Dry Red). J24: 1 C Stobart- Hook (Virjin on the Ridiculous); 2 J Calascione and E Datson (Head Case); 3 J Bullock (Fruitcakes). Etchells 22: 1 P Andreae (Candida); 2 A Eichenauer (Raptor); 3 H Sellars (Masquerade). Dragon: 1 M Payne (Riff Raff); 2 P Morton (Domino); 3 B Baird and I Coryn (Forrader). Daring: 1 J and F de Courcy Ling, B Huber and M Rothschild (Dionysus); 2 J Simpson, J G Simpson and J Preston (Decanter); 3 T Parr, C Caws, C Kenyon, M Dunleavy and R McKeen (Darius). Squib: 1 P Tracey (Moonraker); 2 G Richards (Notorious); 3 R Hewitt (Satu). Sunbeam: 1 A Stannah and A Robinson (Jenny); 2 R Wickens (Danny); 3 R T and Mrs Dale (Fleury). Swallow: 1 C Body and S Millar (Echo); 2 J Vernon (Archon); 3 J and G Buckwell and J Punty (Boomerang). Mermaid: 1 N and R Dobbs (Bluebell); 2 R Prest (Jade); 3 R French and N Proddow (Rosemary). Redwing: 1 J Peel (Quail); 2 V Stratton (Red Gauntlet); 3 Sir M Richardson (Avocet). Flying Fifteen: 1 R and J Mander (Funnny Feeling); 2 I Coryn and A Goodman (Avalon); 3 D Rutherford (D Rutherford). XOD: 1 P Baines (Wenda); 2 R Field (Persephone); 3 J and A Oliff-Cooper (Xenon). Victory: 1 J Lear (Zinnia); 2 D Freeman and A Terry (Minx); 3 N Sefton-Smith (Woozle).

WOMEN'S 420 WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS (Plymouth) Second day: Race three: 1 47737 (F Duer and V Eicher, Swit); 2 47365 (A Dudouit and M Lechauve, Fr); 3 47697 (A Coxon and B Stowell, Aus); 5 47370 (H Lucas and J Tenny, GB). Race Four: 1 47656 (M Pallanca and F Bourdouxhe, Fr); 2 47052 (U Leu and A Telthorster, Ger); 3 46979 (M Duch and M Subirate, Sp); 8 47365 (J Cuthbert and C Edwards, GB).

FREIXENET LASER II EUROPEAN CHAMPIONSHIPS (Mumbles) Race three: 1 A McMillan and J Mears (GB); 2 N Skudder and K Hills (GB); 3 R and K Catchpole (GB). Overall: 1 McMillan and Mears; 2 C Oldham and T Oldham; 3 S Murray and P Kameen.