Sporting Digest: Shooting

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NATIONAL SMALL BORE RIFLE CHAMPIONSHIPS (Bisley): Adlington Challenge Bowl (Class X 50m): 1 G Winch (Stirling Royal Infirmary) 397pts; 2 R Wigger (US) 396; 3 G Haworth (City Of Oxford) 396. Johnson Alpha Trophy (Class A): M Holland (Beverley) 391. Johnson Beta Trophy (Class B): H Riley (Wimbledon Park) 394. Johnson Gamma Trophy (Class C): K Murray (Bookham) 392. Johnson Delta Trophy (Class D): S Jackson (Keelby) 387. Leicester and Rutland Trophy (Class X 100 yards): 1 C Brunetti (USA) 393; 2 Gillmore (Wandsworth) 391; 3 W Murray (Chobham) 390. Power Palmer Cup (Class A): G Macarty (Croydon) 385. Eyre Memorial Cup (Class B): M Long (Portslade) 390. Player Cup (Class C): J Gratton (Plymouth Electricity) 383. The Times Cup (Class D): D Brooks (Basildon) 386.