Sporting Digest: Speedway

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WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP (Bradford): semi-final: Qualifiers: 1 M Loram (King's Lynn) 14pts; 2 H Nielsen (Coventry and Den) 13; 3 H Gustafsson (Swe) 12; 4 J Larsen (US); M Cox (Ger) 11; 6 C Louis (Ipswich) 9; 7 C Boyce (Poole and Aus); P Swift (Pol) 8. Non-qualifiers: R Jankowski (Pol) 7; L Gunnestad (Poole and Nor) 6; C Jacobsen (Den) 6; B Brhel (King's Lynn and Cz Rep) 6; J Gollob (Pol) 4; A Castagna (Reading and It) 3; L Adams (Arena Essex and Aus) 2; R Nagy (Glasgow and Hungary) 0.