Sporting Digest: Swimming

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BRITISH CLUB CHAMPIONSHIPS (Coventry, winners): Men: 50m freestyle: M Foster (Barnet Copthall) 24.07sec. 100m freestyle: M Foster (Barnet C) 52.45. 400m freestyle: A Clayton (City of Leeds) 4min 01.2sec. 50m breaststroke: N Gillingham (City of Birmingham) 30.45. 100m breastroke: R Maden (City of Leeds) 1:04.24. 50m backstroke: N Willey (Barnet C) 27.98. 100m backstroke: Ruckwood 58.79. 50m Butterfly: Foster 25.73. 100m butterfly: M Smith (City of Leeds) 57.59. 4 x 50m freestyle relay: City of Birmingham 1:38.10. 4 x 50m medley relay: Barnet C 1:47.11. Men's winner: City of Birmingham 201.5pts. Women: 50m freestyle: M Lock (City of Cardiff) 27.24. 100m freestyle: Huddart 59.35. 400m freestyle: M Hardiman (City of Birmingham) 4:24.43. 50m breaststroke: Z Baker (City of Sheffield) 33.62. 100m breaststroke: H Gorman (Nova Centurion) 1:14.41. 50m backstroke: K Osher (Barnet C) 30.80. 100m backstroke: Osher 1:04.76. 50m butterfly: M Lock (City of Coventry) 29.37. 100m butterfly: Goodwin 1:03.95. 4 x 50m freestyle relay: Nova Centurion 1:51.63. 4 x 50m Medley: Barnet C 2:02.46. Women's winner: Nova Centurion 235pts. Final overall winner: Barnet C 387.

US NATIONAL LONG COURSE CHAMPIONSHIPS (Nashville): Men: 400m free: J Sakovich 3min 56.31sec. 100m breaststroke: S van Neerden 1:02.46. 100m butterfly: B Alderman 54.11sec. 100m backstroke: J Rouse 54.87. Women: 400m free: J Evans 4:11.01. 100m breaststroke: M Kleine 1:10.18. 100m butterfly: S Sanders 59.83. 100m back: J Thompson 1:03.24.