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Q. I have only seen real tennis played at Lord's. Are there any other major centres for the sport? Who is the British Champion? Is there a World Champion?

A. The BBC's new digital channel "BBC Choice" recently ran a feature on its daily sports programme 110% about real tennis following the final of the Ladies Real Tennis Championships at Hampton Court on 25 April. It was the first time in 12 years that the tournament had been held in the UK. There are approximately 40 real tennis courts in the world, 24 of which are in the UK - Hampton Court is one of the better known centres. Australia, USA and France also have courts and have staged the championships. The current world champion is Penny Lumley (nee Fellows). She won the title in April for the fifth time in her career - one of the rare sports in which a multiple world champion is British. If your correspondent gets in touch with us at 110% we would be happy to send him a copy of the report.


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Q. Is the town of Preston unusual in having two town teams of national sports with unique names? We have our football team, North End, and our rugby union side, Grasshoppers.

A. I would like to dispute Kevin Maguire's answer to this question (9 May). Leeds United have never been known as the Owls, that nickname belongs to Sheffield Wednesday. Leeds did have an owl on their badge under Don Revie in the 1970s, but that was taken from the owl that is part of the Leeds city crest. Leeds over the years have been known by many nicknames - the Peacocks and the Whites, for example - but never the Owls.



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Q. Following the South Africa "radio earpiece" debacle against India in the World Cup, does anybody know which other sports have used modern communications technology to link coaches and captains on the field? And was it successful? I believe it was once used in American Football but has now been discontinued.


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Q. The Bradford City chairman, Geoffrey Richmond, when interviewed, refers to Bradford as the "fifth largest city in England". Is there any truth in this?



Q. Almost a year on from his fourth place in the Open, Justin Rose has still failed to make a cut as a professional. Has anybody ever made a worse start to a professional career, in any sport, but subsequently come good?