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Q. The matter of the quickest to 1,000 runs in a cricket season has been discussed in some detail. But which bowler was the quickest to take 100 wickets in a season? My guess would be Alfred Percy "Tich" Freeman, who played for Kent in the 1920s and 1930s.

A. J T Hearne of Middlesex and C W L Parker of Gloucestershire were the men responsible for taking 100 wickets in the shortest amount of time. On 12 June 1896 J T Hearne took his total to 100 for the season as did Parker 35 years later. A P "Tich" Freeman reached the 100 wicket milestone in the same year as Parker but a day later, although Freeman was the fastest to 200 and 300 wickets on 27 June 1928 and 15 September 1928.


(aged 15) Blackpool

A. The nomination of the legendary Kent leg-spinner "Tich" Freeman as the bowler quickest to take 100 wickets in a season was very nearly right. On 13 June 1931 Freeman reached the target but Charlie Parker (Gloucestershire) had just beaten him the day before, 12 June, a date previously achieved by Jack Hearne in 1896. Freeman, however, was the quickest to 200 wickets (on 27 June 1928) and to 300 wickets (on 15 September 1928). He remains the only bowler to have taken 300 wickets in a first-class season.



A. Hearne and Parker both took 100 wickets by the 12 June (in 1896 and 1931 respectively) while Tich Freeman reached the mark a day later in 1931, a season in which he went on to record 276 victims, a feat he exceeded twice: in 1928 he took 304; in 1933 he took 298.



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Skipton, Yorkshire

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Mellor, Lancashire

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