Sports letter: Dreary Dons

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Sir: Funny, isn't it, that as soon as Wimbledon acquire a foreign manager, all the old criticisms resurface? In my opinion and that of many other football supporters such criticism should never have ceased. Even under the "media friendly" Joe Kinnear, Wimbledon always reverted to type in pressure situations. Egil Olsen does not represent change, he merely gives their basic style an international dimension.

What I find disturbing is not that some sections of the press are already criticising Olsen, but that they have chosen for years to turn a blind eye to Wimbledon's physical style. One is left with the impression that he is being slated because he is a foreigner, not because of his team's style of play. I do not share the the sentimentality voiced by journalists for "the crazy gang". I prefer to remember a cynical team who muscled their way into the top flight. To those who ponder why England fail so miserably at international level, I suggest the answer lies to a great extent in the indulgence extended to the likes of Wimbledon.


Morden, Surrey