Sports letter: Fans marginalised

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From Mr I Muter

Sir: Can I warmly congratulate Guy Hodgson for his excellent article "Football fans count cost of rising prices" (18 March).

I believe it raised a number of important points regarding whether or not our national game, football, can sustain itself economically in the long term. More and more traditional fans are being priced out of the game they love.

Many people in my area now feel economically marginalised by Middlesbrough's current all season ticket policy for League games.

Football should start listening more to the supporters who invest thousands of pounds every year, to devise sensible pricing policies that aim not to lock out many fans on lower incomes. If it does not do this, the bubble may burst, and immeasurable damage to our national game may occur I fear.

Yours faithfully,


Campaign for Non Season Tickets


26 March