Sports Letter: Free hit at the high and mighty

MR JOHN HYDE'S letter (5 May) suggesting that so-called top Premiership teams should not have to play lesser lights like Nottingham Forest and Charlton, provoked a powerful response from readers. Here is a selection...
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Sir: What an equally "offensive", arrogant and ignorant comment made by John Hyde about lower division sides not providing talent for the (top) Premiership sides. He conveniently forgets Arsenal's Davis Seaman (QPR and Peterborough) and Lee Dixon (Stoke City); Leeds' Nigel Martyn (Crystal Palace via Bristol Rovers) and even four of his own team (Manchester United) - Denis Irwin (Oldham), Andy Cole (Newcastle via Bristol City), Teddy Sheringham (Spurs via Forest and Millwall) and Roy Keane (Forest) - are players with previous lower-League links.

Crucially he omits the ex-Charlton player, and imminent England full international, Lee Bowyer, now such a major success and influence at Leeds. All levels of football have players with genuine talent that may thrive at a higher level. I rest my case.