Sports Letter: ITV fiasco

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Sir: A virgin letter writer until now, ITV's World Cup coverage has finally prompted me into action. I have been amazed by the hopelessness of their sports coverage. They have now set new standards with the Matthew Lorenzo ITV Dallas Show. How did he get a job on national sports television? The only words he feels confident in uttering are 'live and exclusive' on ITV, but even then, he seems to be struggling for the autocue.

From the inappropriate opening music, to the horrendous Panasonic warpaint, the Don Howe rap, the almost racist commentary ('Koreans are short and weak', 'Colombians are explosive and temperamental') to the 'very much so' boredom of the expert panel, the whole thing is a fiasco from beginning to end.

Thank God for Des.

Yours faithfully,


London, NW3