Sports Letter: Morale ruined

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Sir: The reason England lost the Test series to New Zealand is that the players have been demoralised by the antics of the selectors. Under Stewart we beat South Africa in a Test series here and gave the Aussies a good run for their money in Australia. I have no doubt that the squad who returned from Australia would have beaten the Kiwis.

England were unlucky to go out of the World Cup and our Test side could have made up for it but the media demanded changes when none were necessary. Stewart was humiliated by Graveney, Gooch and Gatting and the morale of the side fell apart. After the changes we were trounced at home by the side that was bottom of the Test ratings. Will Graveney and Hussain go? I doubt it. Apparently none of the blame is attached to them.


Caxton, Cambs

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