Sports Letter: Pointed criticism over point-to-point

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From Pamela Morton

What a good and informative article "Points of interest for punters'' by Ian Davies (10 January). Too often point-to-pointing is perceived by the uninitiated as "Farcical racers for rural types with more inherited wealth than sense'' instead of "The fascinating, competitive sub-structure to racing under rules'' that it is.

The anti-hunting lobby appear to be ignorant of, or choose to ignore the integral roles that hunting and point-to-pointing play in each other's sport. Hunting provides a vital training ground for the education of both young horses and riders destined to perform either in point-to-points or under Rules of Racing.

Although regulated by the Jockey Club point-to-pointing is run at every level by goodwill, - a small army of volunteers. Hunting and point- to-pointing sustains rural communities through the bleak winter months, and Mr Morley's recent article reveals his complete ignorance of all the issues involved. How can the Labour Party be taken seriously in the countryside when Mr Morley is their spokesman on rural affairs?


Everdon, Northants