Sports Letter: Your verdict on the England succession

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Sir: Despite his recent problems, Terry Venables is by far the best qualified candidate in terms of experience, motivational and coaching skills and handling the media.

At the same time, the FA should take Graham Kelly's recent comments on the state of the game to heart - and seek a chief executive with the vision and respect to drive through such changes. What more admirable recent demonstrations of Mr Kelly's empathy with the game than his involvement in the Uzzell / Blissett case, the FA's U-turn on the venue for the all-Sheffield FA Cup semi-final, and of course, the total contrast between the Premier League and the old First Division - I don't think so.

However, in the world of virtual reality - which unfortunately is probably the only place that Venables would be appointed - what odds that Kelly would be replaced with Alan Sugar or, dare I say it, Jimmy Hill.

Yours faithfully,


London N16