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From David Rice

Sir: It was with great amusement that I read Chris Belsom's letter "Unfair on League players" (2 January). Of the seven players mentioned, five were high-profile signings from Union and Jason Robinson has come in for much criticism.

His inclusion ahead of Jon Callard in the European Cup quarter-final has been cited as a major factor in Bath being knocked out. As for the tackling, Gary Connolly's display for Harlequins against Leicester was laughable by junior club standards, let alone National First Division.




of success

From Dr W R Silveira

Sir: I would like to make two points about the recent hoo-ha over Kevin Keegan's resignation. The first is that the national psyche continues to function on the basis of a refusal to submit even in the face of extreme odds. Acknowledgement of stress is seen as capitulation, weakness of character, humiliation of the worst kind. This macho view of life actually deters from a meaningful understanding of the reasons why Keegan may have resigned.

While Howard Wilkinson throws some much-needed light on the life and times of the modern day manager, he is unable to comment on the personal attributes that shape the individual's perception of success, its finity and its meaning, because these things are personal and relate to the background and upbringing of that particular individual.

Perhaps Kevin Keegan, for reasons that even he may be unaware of (because these things sometimes operate at a subconscious level), has decided he has satisfied the drive that motivated him to take up this awesome task in the first place.

My second point is that there appears to be something magical about a five-year cycle in which individuals, groups and even governments can set out on projects of merit with predefined aims and goals. I would suggest that Kevin Keegan has completed his five-year stint and who is to say that he should or should not have left at the point that he did?



Sunk before


From Peter Cusworth

Sir: Regarding the idea of Robert Crowther, Witney, Oxon (2 January), of Newcastle ground sharing with Sunderland, may I suggest boat sharing for the Varsity boat race?


Jesmond, Newcastle upon Tyne

Cheek by


From Rob Charles

Sir: Sandy Anderson may have failed in his bid to take over Nottingham Forest, but he wins my vote for Barefaced Cheek of the Week with his comment afterwards: "There are clearly some people who are looking to make money for themselves."


Grayshott, Surrey

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