Sports Letters: Backward step

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Sir: In what has been a month of tragedy and knee-jerk reactions in Formula One motor racing, press speculation regarding the possible return of Nigel Mansell to the Williams team as a replacement for the late Ayrton Senna serves as another example of the disarray Formula One finds itself.

It would appear that money, not sensible thinking, is in the driving seat of the top team's philosophy of their future in F1.

One must remember the less than amicable circumstances in which Mansell left Williams and Formula One, for a new career in IndyCar to which he has adapted with great success. The departure of Mansell, Prost and now Senna has caused F1 to change direction and in looking forward, I would think that Williams could better invest obviously available millions of pounds in car development and exploiting the talents of Damon Hill and David Coulthard rather than to lure back the past.

Yours faithfully,


St Albans, Herts

24 May