Sports Letters: Blame Overmars

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Sir: I am a totally committed Man United supporter, but I still agree that Arsene Wenger deserves respect and admiration for his replay offer. However, I am amazed that all the attention has been focused on Nwankwo Kanu and the constant pleas that he did not realise what the convention is in England. What about Overmars? Why has no report I have seen or heard mentioned him?

Does he not know the convention of the game here? Has he just arrived? Even if we accept that Kanu does not know what should be done in such circumstances (which I find hard to believe), I am totally amazed that Overmars has not been roundly criticised for his part in the fiasco.

All he had to do was stop. That would have sorted the whole mess out, and ensured that the replay offer was not required. However he played on and now must surely take the responsibility for causing this situation.


London SW20