Sports Letters: Blossoming of Tudor ignored

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Sir: Having read Derek Pringle's report on the second Ashes Test Match in Perth, I am astounded, amid all his doom and gloom about English cricket, he chose not to mention the performance of Alex Tudor. Local commentators praised the young man's efforts and predicted that England would have a first-class pace attack for the future, teaming Tudor with Darren Gough and Alan Mullally.

Although not an England supporter, I believe I speak for many Australians when I say that the state of English cricket does nothing for the Ashes series and less for the game internationally.

The structure of the game in your country needs a make-over and the selectors must be prepared to blood young players at the top level. In Australia, competitive cricket is played at all levels from the age of about 10 and it stays that way until they are adults. A wander around the club grounds on a Saturday afternoon will reveal why Australian cricket is so successful. The standard of the fielding alone indicates that we play the game to win.

W N Stephen

Victoria, Australia