Sports Letters: Booting out football

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Sir: I would like to point out an error printed in your cycling article (9 April). Namely, that we have never advocated, nor would we want football to be 'booted out' of Herne Hill Stadium. The grassed area inside the track is of no use whatsoever to cyclists and we cannot see why our two sports should not enjoy the facility in tandem. It seems your article was based solely on an interview with Graham Bristow, and without reference to any other users, or indeed the landlords, Southwark Council. Mr Bristow talks of an abundance of football pitches. This may be true, but not of the standard offered at Herne Hill.

We recently discussed with the project manager how we would fit into a multi-purpose usage of the stadium. I hope Mr Bristow's view is a personal one and that most cyclists would not object to the utilisation of an area they have no use for.

Yours faithfully,



St Andrew's Football Club

London SW1

14 April