SPORTS LETTERS: Brito ignored

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Brito ignored

From Mr Andrew Forbes

Sir: "Ten losers of the World Cup: Max Brito, whose injuries make the World Cup pale into insignificance", Steve Bale wrote [27 June]. It appears not. These words appear in a tiny font size surrounded by an article claiming the World Cup victory has made profound changes to the nation of South Africa. I have read long articles discussing the implications of the New Zealand game upon England's future, and similar reports on the Welsh, Scots and Irish. The Brito story barely ran past his flight home's departure time.

If Steve Bale were right, I would expect an appropriate number of column inches on Brito's progress, his family, the implications on possible rule changes to prevent such injuries, and the reactions of players. None of this has happened. Please can the Independent keep us informed of his progress.

Yours faithfully,



27 June