Sports Letters: Consistency is a choice

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Sir: Paul Newman's article 'Britain's Great Need for Heroes' (19 July) contains an assumption which is fundamentally flawed, namely that those who pursue and achieve sporting excellence without demonstrating certain excesses cannot at the same time entertain and provide a spectacle. Once again we see Nick Faldo implicitly criticised for lack of flair and charisma.

Either we acknowledge our winners and accept that some have reached the pinnacle through single-minded dedication which others struggle to reach (or simply choose not to) - or we dismiss them for 'lack of entertainment' in preference to those who rarely reach the heights. If we choose the latter, we must accept that we will not be able to enjoy the glories of consistent achievers. The truth is that in sport there is room for both.

However, I suspect that, because of his approach, Faldo (and the likes of him) will be around to 'entertain' us for a good deal longer and will continue to do so much more regularly than many of his apparently more flamboyant contemporaries.

Yours faithfully,


Harpenden, Herts

20 July