Sports Letters: District blend key to future

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Sir: I thoroughly agree with Kenny Milne's comments about the need for a "bridge" to be constructed between Scottish club rugby and the two Scottish super districts.

The Scottish Rugby Union should rename the two super districts - Caledonia and Reivers - and continue their development as planned in both a British League and the European Cup.

However, the SRU should also re-establish the Inter-District Championship with the four old districts - Glasgow, Edinburgh, North and Midlands and the South. If the make-up of these four teams was split between the best of the players in club rugby and the fringe squad players of the two super districts then the matches could be used as trials by the SRU. This platform would help them decide which players were ready to step up to or to remain in the following season's super district squads. This could be done very effectively and fairly by limiting each district to four professionals (two forwards and two backs) on the pitch at any one time.

This mix would, I believe, help achieve what all Scottish rugby supporters want to see - a stronger and more successful international side.

Robert D Kilgour

Joint Chief Executive, main sponsors of Kirkcaldy RFC