SPORTS LETTERS: Dutch play by rules

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Dutch play by rules

From Mr Steven Hoogstraten

Sir: In the Independent's report about the first appearance of Holland in the NatWest Trophy, against Northamptonshire, some doubt was expressed about the local content of the Dutch national team ["How Dutch are the Dutch team?", 28 June]. Cricketers representing the Netherlands either have Dutch nationality or live there. All players were fully qualified under TCCB rules.

The Netherlands has always been a country with a strong international orientation. Therefore it should come as no surprise that the national team comprises a few names which create an impression of distant places. The Royal Dutch Cricket Board does not select not more than four of these players, in line with ICC proposals to be adopted this summer. The rules of international cricket are both complicated and flexible, but fortunately they are the same for all members of the ICC.



Royal Dutch Cricket Board


The Netherlands

2 July