Sports Letters: Egghead formation

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Sir: Your mention of Dover's 'University Challenge' team (Football Diary, 4 September) prompted me to contemplate the mass of 'intellect' in the local team I play for, Probation Dynamos. Is this a record for a team not drawn from an educational institution? The team for last season was as follows:

A Grayson (PhD); M Cork (BA, MA, CQSW), S McKay (BA, PGCE), M Newman (BA, RGN), D House (BA, MA, CQSW); D Fairbanks (BSc), A Hesketh (PhD), C Knight (BA), A Markarian (BSc); A Rimmer (BA), C Jones (BSc).

Pity we didn't play football with quite such distinction.

Yours faithfully,



6 September