Sports Letters: Ferguson shares blame for `greed'

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Sir: It is hypocritical of Alex Ferguson to be suddenly concerned about players' salaries and the future of football (Sport, 26 February) since he and his club are as much to blame as anyone for the current situation.

When clubs pay inflated fees for average players, British and foreign - and there are many examples of both currently in the Premiership - it is natural for those players to seek salaries that reflect their valuation.

There is a culture of greed prevalent at the top level of English football which needs to be eradicated. But clubs and players must all play their part in achieving this; not simply turn a blind eye and expect the fans to keep paying more and more at the turnstiles.

Perhaps a cap on transfer fees, and salaries linked to that fee, would bring some sanity and common sense back to our national game, ensuring its future for another hundred years.


Castle Douglas,