Sports Letters: Grand job

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Sir: Having read the sports letters in today's Independent, I feel that I must communicate my wholehearted support to the letter from Mr K Ian Collier.

As a long time fan of this fast and exciting game, I always enjoyed the coverage given on Channel 4. It has been a great disappointment that this cover has been dropped. Perhaps if Channel 4 had devoted the same peak viewing time to Aussie Rules that they allocated to the three-hour yawn from America, the Australian game might well have achieved similar popularity.

Yours faithfully, N F EDWARDS Keelby, Lincolnshire Letters for publication in the sports pages should be marked 'For publication' and should include daytime and evening telephone numbers. They should be sent to the Sports Editor, The Independent, 40 City Road, London, EC1Y 2DB, or faxed to 071- 956 1894. Letters may be shortened for reasons of space.